Akshaya Patra

We used very direct design through visual images and minimal text, highlighting the strong message of supporting children.

 Copenhagen Business School

Three posters were created to complement the leaflets we made for the case studies done by Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, as part of the Co-creation program.

Copenhagen Business School

This large format print was made for the Copenhagen Co-creation Conference in Denmark. We also designed posters and booklets for the event. It was also covered by us through a photo shoot of the event by Hitesh Toolsidass



 Beauty Without Cruelty

Created specially for children, to instill a sense of compassion towards animals. Being able to contribute to the commendable work this global organization does, made this design more special to us.

Tea Tasting

The photo shoot done by Hitesh Toolsidass captures the beauty of this product, and invites the viewer to walk in to sample some of the teas.

 Phulkari Exhibition

To complement the invite, this poster shows the beauty of the intricate weave of Phulkari.


 Head Turners Salon - Loreal

Designed for Loreal - this poster complements the invite for a month long event at the Head Turners Spa.

 Holistic Health Counseling workshop

Created for an event in Taj for a workshop by a Holistic Health Counselor from New York.

 Talk on Homeopathy

Designed for a talk on Homeopathy at Bengal Rowing Club, the greens and small bottle indicate a more natural form of medicine.

 Ashari Animal Hospital

This was designed for Ashari hospital, for their pet care program. 

7 poster.jpg

 Oneness University

This poster gives information on the event, and complements the leaflets we designed for the Oneness University.