CARDS - the conveniently sized way of reaching out, of announcing, of sharing. From simple solid layouts, to intricate ethnic design, we create cards to represent the person, celebrate the occasion, announce the event, or to decorate and express.



Photography Exhibition invite

Banaras in all its glory. This card represents the core message - faith. It blends an image, with words and design to give a flavor of the subject of the Photography Exhibition


Wedding Card 


Tanurshree and Kunal, a couple from Singapore, wanted to celebrate their wedding with a union of traditional and modern look.

Their image, along with the soft colors and ethnic design made this card a unique invite.


Photography Exhibition - Kuch Lamhey Kuch Baatey


What better way to talk about photography, than shoot the photographer himself ! The sillhoute of the photographer, mingled with dreamlike design belnding with the black and white image takes the viewer to an imaginary world.


The name itself was also created by us, as it conveyed the subject of the exhibition perfectly - the exhibition being about 'moments'.

Priya card 3.jpg


Card designed for the inauguration of a school for underprivileged children


Wedding Card


Our own wedding card. 

Need we say more....


Wedding Card


Created for a traditional couple, this card uses the Alpana pattern rendered in gold and bright colors to bring richness to this auspicious occasion.



Photography Exhibition Invite


Another invite for the photography exhibition on Banaras. The placid waters, the soft tones, the bright colored robes of the ascetic, combined with words we selected, and gentle design element sets the tone for the subject.


Party Invite


Simple fun, an design that is easy to understand at the first glance, economical to print, and focused on the event and the location.


Photography Exhibition Invite


Indian postcards have all but disappeared now. The ancient ambient of Banaras inspired us to bring back this old beautiful design, as an innovative invite for the event.


Retail Advertising

Modern design, highlighting the store name, and giving a glance at some of their products. The plain white background and long design made the invite standout. 


Retail Advertising

Sometimes that simplest way to communicate is through just a beautifully shot single image. This rich jacket was shot by Hitesh Toolsidass, as the cover for the promotion done for BOMBAIM.



Party Invite

A live rock concert was arranged for a party, with the CD design as the invite, and the entry pass to the event.



Head Turners - Hair Salon Promotion

A campaign was created for the Head Turners Salon chain, to promote their brand as an exclusive salon for high end hair spa and treatment, and to increase foot falls through a target distribution scheme.


Colors - Hair Spa Promotion


Promotional design created for distribution in print, as well as news paper advertisement.


Shop Opening - Heera Marble & Granite

From logo design, to shop signage, to this leaflet, to the main brochure, we worked with Heera Marble & Granite for the launch of their premium store.

The exclusivity of the product range is reflected both in the images, as well as the colors and design elements. 


The three fold mini brochure on high quality paper was made as a reflection of the larger brochure, which was given to each customer that came for the opening.


Silver Anniversary

This party invite was created as a romantic and fun design, as the theme was to dress as everyone did 25 years back.



Golden Wedding Anniversary

Designed for a traditional couple, this card is simple and classy in its design. The leaves were printed in gold, which the 50 was a subtle silver.


Phulakri Exhibition

The intricate weaves and vibrant colors of the art of Phulkari were captured through our photo shoot. This was then used in our promotional designs for the event.

In this particular case, the logo was also created by us.