Animal Hospital - Ashari

The warm colors and layout of this leaflet encourages an emotional response as they eyes look at the images of the animals we captured in our photo shoot. 

Holistic Health Counseling

This leaflet was printed on hand-made paper, gives a very earthy look and feel.

Oneness University

The deep tones, with the pure lotus and hands immediately brings out the mood of spirituality, connecting strongly to the subject of the Oneness University.

Educational Leaflet - SERVE

Created to explain the Serve method of education, this leaflet was designed with bright colors that are eye-catching. The photo shoot of children allowed us to integrate their happy expressions, making it instantly appealing for parents.

Residential Booklet - Sunrise Point

This booklet was designed by us for the Sureka Group, for the Sunrise Point complex, to be given with the welcome kit. We did a photo shoot of flowers, and use complimentary colors to make the booklets cheerful and inviting.

Swar Sangam

Designed for the Birla Group, this leaflet uses soft colors to enhance the message of courses offered by this music and dance institute.

Case Studies - Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Six case studies were designed by us for Copenhagen Business School. They did the case studies for European Union. The designing, copywriting, and printing was done by us. Each booklet was of about 6-8 pages.


A booklet designed as a gift for young adults, this booklet combines colorful images, the shlokas, and their meaning.

18th Birthday Book 

A beautiful gift from a grandmother to her grandchildren for their milestone birthday.