Logo and Corporate Identity - something which represents all that you stand for. Shapes, colors, fonts - that set you apart, and enable all those you interact with, to instantly recognize you.


Logo and Identity

The full branding for Heera Marble & Granite was done by us. Starting with the logo and identity, we also designed their store signage, promotional leaflets, and brochure.



Logo and Identity

Infinity is one of the leading corporate groups in Kolkata in the real estate industry. 


Logo and Identity

Created for an architectural firm.

Logo, Identity, Ticket cover

We worked with the client to completely revamp their identity. The simple logo brings an instant association with travel, and is easy to use, and distinctive.




Created for the leading realtors in the city, this logo stands out in its bold simplicity. The use of white, red and blue, combined with the shapes reflects blocks which reflect the realty industry.


Logo - Hair Salon and Spa

Be Bonnie was looking to revamp its image. We created a logo that was international in appeal, modern, and elegant. The logo was also used by us in large billboard advertising for the company.

Logo Revamp - Large Format Printing

The beautiful color rendition of the logo created earlier, was made for backlit large in store usage, further re-enforcing the brand.

deeds logo.jpg


Logo created for an NGO in Pune

The design was created to give a look of elegance.

The focus of the organization is to help those in need. This Logo conveys their ideology of nourishment, life, shelter and growth.

Logo - Srei Township

This was created for the Srei Group, for a township project. We used the same theme in the brochure we designed for them. The colours reflect the large scope of the project, as well as the modern approach.


Logo and complete branding

Dubey Perfumers are one of the leading manufacturers of Itra (floral perfumes). The logo reflects the product. 


Starting with Logo, we did their entire identity, corporate brochure, and web site. An detailed photo shoot was done by Hitesh Toolsidass to capture their processes and product.


Created to represent the intricate Phulkari weave, this logo is easy to read, and brightly colored.

Logo and Identity

We worked with this established business house to give them a modern and fresh look.


Created for a leading financial firm, this logo brings sophistication, reflecting their multi-faceted business.


Logo and Store signage

Created for Vidula Khaitan, this logo was created to reflect the store product - children's clothing.


Logo - Building 


Created for a modern high rise logistics hub, this logo uses aqua colors as the project was by the river. The sleek stroke gives it a modern look, with the swipe also bringing in the element of distances.


Logo and Visiting Card

Made for a boutique owner, this card focuses on the theme of colors, stitches, and shapes.

The bold colors highlight the R, reflecting the passion for fabrics.


Logo and Identity

Made for a wedding organizer, this logo reflects the auspicious colors, while retaining a modern element.


Logo and Identity

Made for one of the leading real estate companies, this logo plays with block. The fascinating play of the name, makes it very unusual and distinctive.



Logo and Visiting card

This was made for the youngest chef we know - in her teens, she is already setting up a catering business.


Logo and Identity

Designed for a hospital, uses shades of blue with the S, to give the look of a swan.


Logo and Visiting card

Created for a young pilot under training in the UK.