Askaya Patra

This 130ft hoarding was placed in the IT hub of Kolkata.

Be Bonnie - Salon

This was a re-branding excercise to bring in a modern element to a well established company.

COLORS - Salon

Globyn Crystal 

Two large billboards designed for display in the IT sector of Salt Lake.

Heera Marble & Granites

Designed for store front - to be placed on either side of main signage that had the logo and name of the company. 

Oasis - Park Street 

This logo and signage was designed for one of the leading restaurants in Park Street, Kolkata.

Surya Laxmi - Hyderabad

Large format prints made for the factory floor and conference rooms of the company.

Sureka Group - Sunrise Point

Signage created for Sunrise Point building for Sureka Group. We also designed the owner leaflets and other materials with the same concept.

Mignonette - Logo and Sign

Be Bonnie - Store Signage and large format billboards