Special moments in life are celebrated with the ones you love the most. Food is an integral part of every event. Over the years, I have been part of events in Los Angles (for celebrity Sherly Lee Ralph), in Boston, in Framingham, in New York, and of course - many locations in India. A few things I offer you to make your event unique are:

  • Delicious Vegetarian food

  • Mouth watering, wholesome options

  • Indian recipes that range from sweet, to sour, to tangy, to spicy

  • A plethora of options - from starters, to finger foods, to focused meals, to a huge spread!

  • Planning the items with you, so that the menu is practical, filling, and something very special.

Some possibilities:

  • A dinner party

  • A bachelorette evening

  • A special occasion like an anniversary, a birthday, a promotion, a farewell, or a welcome home!

  • Themed experience for selective Indian delicacies

  • Just pampering yourself and your family and friends!

  • A wedding shower with cuisine that is high on nutrition, love, and easy on the stomach

  • Just for kids - fun foods they will love

  • Events to support a cause

  • Just a reason to be happy, to enjoy a meal that is hand-cooked with great care just for you.

Come with me on a trip where I share with you a few of the events I have done over the years, where we have had so much fun, and shared so many wonderful recipes and memories!