Special moments in life are celebrated with the ones you love the most. Food is an integral part of every event. Over the years, I have been part of events in Los Angles (for celebrity Sherly Lee Ralph), in Boston, in Framingham, in New York, and of course - many locations in India. A few things I offer you to make your event unique are:

  • Delicious Vegetarian food

  • Mouth watering, wholesome options

  • Indian recipes that range from sweet, to sour, to tangy, to spicy

  • A plethora of options - from starters, to finger foods, to focused meals, to a huge spread!

  • Planning the items with you, so that the menu is practical, filling, and something very special.


It is a fully hands-on cooking parties and people learn how to cook from start to finish. Our cooking parties provide an interactive and fun activity for celebrating birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and is an ideal way for business colleagues to bond outside of work. I can assure you that the atmosphere is fun, relaxed, engaging, and chock full of culinary information.

  • You will choose the date and the time of your party, followed by your menu. Please let me know ahead of time if there are any dietary restrictions, so I can make accommodations. Our events run 3 hours and include a hands-on cooking class and a full sit-down meal.

  • 1 week before: Classes are BYOB. Finalize headcount.

  • Day of event: Just show up! Once everyone is ready to start cooking, usually 15 minutes after you arrive, we’ll gather everyone for an informal discussion about the menu we’ll be preparing so everyone knows what to expect. The classes are geared to be hands-on, but we acknowledge that some people will want to be in on all the action while others will prefer to mingle and watch.

  • The cooking class portion of the evening generally runs about 1 1/2 hours. You will all work together if you have a group of 10 or less.

  • We’ll start by preparing an hors d’oeuvre recipe and pass it around to the group during the class to snack on, assuring that no one is distracted by an empty stomach during the cooking class.

  • Once the food is ready to eat, we will set up a buffet with all your dishes. The dining room will be set and ready for you to sit down and enjoy your meal. We’ll serve you dessert after we clear your dinner dishes, and you are welcome to linger as long as you like (although we do have a 10:30pm curfew for all parties).

  • Recipes will be emailed to the host after the event.

Some possibilities:

  • A dinner party

  • A bachelorette evening

  • A special occasion like an anniversary, a birthday, a promotion, a farewell, or a welcome home!

  • Themed experience for selective Indian delicacies

  • Just pampering yourself and your family and friends!

  • A wedding shower with cuisine that is high on nutrition, love, and easy on the stomach

  • Just for kids - fun foods they will love

  • Events to support a cause

  • Just a reason to be happy, to enjoy a meal that is hand-cooked with great care just for you.

Come with me on a trip where I share with you a few of the events I have done over the years, where we have had so much fun, and shared so many wonderful recipes and memories!