Cooking Classes in your home

I am a New York City holistic health counselor specializing in vegetarian, vegan, and Indian cuisine. I offer both private lessons, small group sessions, and workshops.

Born and brought up in India, I have enjoyed eating and cooking a wide variety of local cuisines. It was after completing my degree from Integrative Nutrition, New York (2004), that I truly understood how deep the roots of Indian Vegetarian cooking are, and how profound is their impact in enriching and nourishing. My inspiration for cooking were my children. Thanks to them, I perfected the balance of delicious food that is healthy, nutritious, quick to make, and fulfilling.

Over the last 20 years I have included Ayurvedic concepts in my recipes . I look forward to cooking together soon!


Through in-home cooking classes, students learn how to cook the foods they love to eat in a relaxing environment. Students choose the date and time of their class, the menu they want to learn, and I will arrive to show you the ropes. Classes are approximately 2 hours and are centered around the preparation of a complete meal.


We can accommodate even the most difficult of schedules! Afternoon, after work, and weekend classes are all available. As a courtesy I require a 24-hour notice (by phone, please, in case we don’t catch the email) to reschedule any booked class.


Classes can be held in any home kitchen in New York City (most subway-accessible parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens are included ). Sometimes we are able to travel beyond those boroughs, so please ask us if you live beyond the city limits. Traveling costs are separate.


As long as you can put a cutting board down (in the kitchen or on the dining room table) as many times as there are students, you can comfortably learn to cook in your home kitchen.


If you would like to gather a group of friends to join you in the kitchen for a night of cooking, please check out my EVENT page.


All menus are tailored to suit the tastes and skill level of each student. Each student receives a recipe via email at the end of class.


  • 1 student: $60

  • 4 students: $220

  • If you take 4 classes the 5th class is FREE. Spices included by me


Students will be sent a detailed shopping list prior to class so they will have the necessary groceries on hand. Spices I will get for each class.



"Cooking with Aparna was so much fun! As a certified NYC Health Coach,
she has so much valuable information right at her fingertips about how
to cook and eat for optimal health. We made a variety of traditional
Indian dishes together, which was especially wonderful for me as I am
currently studying the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda which
focuses on diet and lifestyle for wellness and longevity. I’ve been to
many Indian restaurants here in NYC, but I have never tasted anything
as fresh and wholesome as the food we made together, which was
tailored to suit my specific dietary needs and tastes. Aparna clearly
loves to cook, and also loves to transfer her knowledge to her
students. She’s a kind and thoughtful guide. I came away from our
lessons with a variety of dishes to prepare and the confidence that I
could make them on my own. I highly recommend Aparna. You will enjoy
your time together and you will never go hungry!" LISA SACK (Brooklyn )


A journey of discovery

When you cook with me, we explore food in many different ways:

HEALTHY: As a certified Holistic Health Counselor, it is vital for me that food nourishes my body, my mind, and my being.

SIMPLE: We will cook in a way which you will understand and can do on your own.

PRACTICAL: As a mother and a working professional, I understand the need to make something delicious within a short time.

TASTY: What’s the point if the food isn’t mouth watering! Simple techniques will be shared to make your taste buds go whooopiiieeeeeee!


Types of food

Indian vegetarian food is a very vast palate of permutations and combinations. Together, we can delve into any of these options:

  • HOMELY FOOD: Wholesome food that will sustain you every day.

  • PARTY FOOD: A spread that will make the event special.

  • FINGER FOOD: Healthy options to satisfy the munchies, or to have with a chilled beer. Our street foods brought to your doorstep.

  • SEASONAL FOOD: Depending on the time of the year, I use Ayurvedic concepts to create dishes that keep you warmer in the winters and cooler in the summer.

  • LOCAL CUISINES: Explore a range of dishes from Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Rajasthani foods.

 Be Inspired in your food

Cooking isn’t just about a recipe or a process. It is about being passionate of creating something you will enjoy eating, and sharing with those you care. The hands-on technique will allow you to understand why we make something in a particular way, to coax and enhance the dance of Indian spices and flavors.

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Let’s talk

I am a happy person - I truly am! It reflects in my eyes, in my smile, and in the food I make. I want to share the joy of this happiness with you, and am excited to hear from you!