Embrace life with open arms

that is the only way to be truly alive...!

            My Story

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I am in love with life...

The balance in my work, my relationships, my spirituality, my physical activity, and my food give me the energy and enthusiasm to live a full and complete life.  

I have overcome health issues like hypo-thyroid, dry eyes, high cholesterol, knee pain, back pain, weight issues, lack of enthusiasm and at times, depression. As a single mom of two children, I overcame these challenges!

As a holistic health counselor, I am equipped with the tools to help you be happier, healthier and feel confident of your choices.


What is Holistic Health Counseling?

  • Does stress at your job or in your relationship contribute to overeating

  • Does lack of quality sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising

  • Do you want to stop your cravings, binges and dependence on caffeine, sugar, and other pick-me-ups

  • Do you want to overcome feelings of depression, helplessness, disturbed sleep, lethargy, and lack of enthusiasm

  • Do you want to live life to your fullest potential


Health is the level of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of a person. Health does not only depend on your diet. It is the end result of a large number of variables. Primary Foods are things other than food that nourish you. These include honest and open relationships, a spiritual practice that makes you feel grounded, a career that inspires you, physical activity that keeps you fit, fresh and alert. Secondary Foods consist of the food you eat, your diet. Holistic Health Counseling is the process of exploring, understanding, and identifying both these, and working together to improve them.



I want you to be healthy and happy!!

Holistic Counseling

Discussions that will reveal the facets of your life dealing with your career, relationships, and physical, emotional, spiritual wellness.

Nutritional Guidance

The optimal selection of food will significantly enhance your energy and health. Together we will modify your diet to discover the most beneficial combination for you.

Relaxation Techniques

We build stress without realizing it. Re-balancing your body and mind is critical. Through pranayam, energizing yoga stretches you will find increased  flexibility, tolerance, and well being.

Cooking sessions

Food is a vital part of your being! Using Ayurveda, we will identify the foods that are most conducive to you, and explore some fascinatingly mouth watering recipes to bring both health and taste into your diet.


Change your life - one step at a time

You will find a palpable increase in positive energies, confidence, and happiness