Aparna and I worked together many years ago to figure out a myriad of digestive issues I was experiencing. With her help, I was able to identify aspects of my diet (and my life!) that were out of balance and take steps toward rebalancing. I still use some of the recipes I learned at that time and am ecstatic to report that over 10 years later, my GI issues are gone and my allergies are under control. Thank you, Aparna! 🙏🏽

Karen de Luna

I so enjoyed working together and it changed my life COMPLETELY. It set me on a wellness path. She helped me with my allergies, skin problems and health issues. The coaching sessions with Aparna really shifted my perspective toward a complete wellness lifestyle shift. The Indian cooking classes were a very unique addition to the experience and I highly recommend! 

Elsa Mehary

“Aparna‘s recipes helped me learn to love the cooking of India. Her use of spices, of different cooking techniques, all came together to help me create great meals.I also understood why we cooked it in a certain way and the delicious food was healthy. Her recipes were not greasy or heavy and I also found they were simple and quick to make”

Alex Marshall

“After I began the program, I realized I would eagerly look forward to my time with Aparna. I felt very comfortable sharing with her. She listened with great care, and often asked for clarifications. Through discussions we would together arrive at certain steps to address specific issues. Over the period of 6 months, I felt a significant positive difference in my well-being. I am very happy to recommend Aparna as a sensitive, caring, and effective health coach.”

Elena Cellitti

My time spent with Aparna was so valuable! Her knowledge is vast, and her teaching methods and positive personality make learning a joy. Just after two sessions with her I could feel a big difference in my body and after completing the course I was a changed person. I came away from her classes with a whole lot of practical information, great new recipes and a renewed enthusiasm for pursuing a healthier lifestyle, in and out of the kitchen.

Suzanne Curley